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Firestone All Road Hazard Guarantee

Firestone All Road Hazard GuaranteeDue to complete confidence in the safety and performance of Firestone branded passenger tyres and their outstanding success in international motor racing, Bridgestone SA has expanded the unique All Road Hazard Guarantee (ARHG) to the entire range of Firestone branded passenger tyres  ie.S211T, F900, TZ200

Whatever the damage, whatever the reason, you can immediately replace a damaged Firestone tyre  - all you have to pay for is the tread used, the fitting and balancing of the replaced tyre. It means that you can now travel with even more confidence and peace of mind on your Firestone tyres.

If a tyre covered by this guarantee becomes unserviceable as a result of a road hazard, it will be replaced with an equivalent Firestone tyre. You will be charged only for the percentage of the usable tread worn off the guaranteed tyre: plus any charge for mounting, balancing, tax, etc.

How the guarantee works

Tyres submitted for claim are evaluated to establish the contribution that will be made towards replacement. The procedure is as follows;

The tyres remaining tread life (usable tread) is established using a tread depth gauge. The average remaining depth of the tread is then divided into the tyres tread depth when new. The result of this calculation gives us a ratio. In the example of a Firestone passenger tyre, the original tread depth is 8 mm. If there are 2mm of tread remaining on the submitted tyre, the tyre has 2/8 = 25% of its usable tread left. You will then receive a 25% credit on the price of a replacement tyre.

Example 2 - In the event that 6mm of tread is calculated as still left on the tyre, the tyre has 6/8 = 75% of its tread left, resulting in a contribution of 75% of the price of a replacement tyre.

A new tyre will be supplied, with the charge to you being the new tyre price less the contribution, based on the remaining tread as detailed above.

Usable tread is the original tread depth less the amount of the tread that you have used. When the tread is worn down to 1mm, (and is no longer legally allowed on the road), this guarantee ends regardless of the age of the tyre.

Terms and conditions

Bridgestone SA guarantees to the purchaser of Firestone branded passenger tyres (provided an official dealer authorization is furnished, the tyres were purchased- aftermarket and within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa) that, for the life of the tyre, should the Firestone tyre/s become unserviceable as a result of road hazards encountered during normal transit, it/they will be replaced as determined below.

"Road Hazards" are cuts, bruises, impact or irreparable punctures and tyre damage caused by rocks, broken glass potholes or curbs.

Bridgestone SA's obligation under this guarantee is limited to the replacement of the tyre subject to state of the usable tread. The guarantee is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and specifically does not cover consequential loss or damage.

Where to go

In the unlikely event of damage, if possible, please return to the Bridgestone authorised dealer where the tyre was purchased. The guarantee card filled in at the time of your purchase of the tyre will need to be presented with your tyre. However, if the damage occurs whilst on holiday, see your nearest Bridgestone authorised dealer, who are empowered to immediately handle any valid claim under your guarantee.

User's obligations

The guarantee is void if the tyres have not been adequately maintained. Proper care is necessary to obtain maximum wear from a tyre and to ensure your safety on the road. The checks are not onerous, please do the following:

Check to see that your tyre/wheel assemblies are in balance

Ensure that your wheels are properly aligned

Ensure your tyres are operated at correct inflation pressures

Important advice

This guarantee is only valid if the guarantee card has been correctly completed by the tyre dealer at the time of purchase and the tyre has not been transferred to any vehicle other than the one on which it was originally installed.

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