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Michelin Roadside Assistance

Michelin Roadside Assistance
Built on the foundations of quality and innovation, Michelin tyres have earned a reputation as premium performers both on and off the road.
The superb overall performance of Michelin tyres offers demanding drivers exceptional handling as well as increased safety and comfort. Engineered for outstanding durability, Michelin tyres have earned a reputation for resilience and long life. Michelin’s wide range delivers the classic Michelin smooth, quiet ride for all types of vehicles and applications. Using the most advanced technology, every Michelin tyre is developed to offer you the best tyre available.
Michelin Roadside Assistance
Auto Assist 

This 24-hour service includes the tow-in of a vehicle to the nearest place of repair in the event of a break-down. It also offers:
  • Assistance with mechanical and electrical breakdowns that require emergency roadside assistance
  • Assistance with a flat tyre - tyre will be changed
  • Assistance with a flat battery - battery will be charged 
  • Assistance if your vehicle runs out of fuel - 10 litres of fuel supplied 
  • Assistance if you’ve locked your keys in the vehicle - locksmith and one hour’s free labour. 
In addition, the following services are available if your car breaks down more than 100km from its destina-tion: 
  • The car may be towed to be repaired at the most appropriate place of repair such as the nearest agent (maximum distance of 200km)
  • Accommodation for one night (maximum R500 per night) OR rental of a class B car for one day (unlimited mileage)
  • Cost of recovery of vehicle following repair
  • Cost of transport back to holiday or permanent residence in the event of theft or hi-jacking, provided you submit the police case number within 24 hours following the incident. 
Auto Assist cover is limited to 3 years with a maximum of 2 free incidents per vehicle during the cover period. Thereafter, access to the benefits is charged at preferential discounted rates, for your own ac-count.
Michelin Roadside Assistance
Travel Assist 
24-hour access to information on the availability and costs with regards to national and international accommodation such as hotels, guesthouses and lodges, transport and special packages. The service also provides you with a direct link to an on-line booking engine and package builder.
Map Assist 
24-hour directions service for guidance when traveling within the borders of South Africa. The helpline offers assistance if you are lost while travelling, left your directions note at home / office or need confirma-tion that you are on the correct route. Clear directions are given telephonically whilst on-route or faxed or e-mailed to a specific address. The helpline offers detailed map information of major metropolitan areas and basic route information on rural areas.
Trip Monitor 
Trip Monitor is a 24-hour, 365 day a year service through which you as a motorist will have your journey monitored by our call centre and your next of kin informed should anything happen to you. 
Michelin Roadside Assistance
Emergency Medical Evacuation
24-hour, immediate response service which dispatches emergency medical services to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate advanced life saving resuscitation is provided. Where necessary the injured / sick will be stabilised before being transported to the closest, most appropriate medical facility. (Cost to be paid by yourself or your medical aid)
Medical Advice Line
Personal Health Advisor is a revolutionary healthcare system designed to offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have access to a professional assistance service that will deal with any health query 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is offered in the majority of the official South African languages. You merely dial the Tyre Plus contact number and highly experienced and friendly nurses identify the nature of the situation, supplying the required information using a sophisticated com-puter database. 
Your personal details and medical history are loaded into this computer database so that they can be ac-cessed when you call again.
The personal health advisor will:
  • Assess your symptoms and refer you to the appropriate type of health care - whether the problem is a nagging cough, severe burn or possible malaria case
  • Provide you with important health knowledge on any aspect of health. You may have been advised to undergo some type of surgery or may just want detailed information on problems such as lice, moles, measles or mumps 
  • Provide expert counselling on any chronic ailment or disease and help you to manage and live with your condition or that of a loved one, whether the condition is cancer, diabetes, asthma or a drug addiction 
  • Provide expert information on medicines, including purpose, side effects, etc.
Audio Health Library
There are many conditions that are not sufficiently urgent to take to a doctor or that may cause embar-rassment (sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy etc) but you would nevertheless like to learn about them. Normally, a person thinks twice about calling the doctor or visiting the medical library to obtain this information. 
Now all one has to do is call Personal Health Advisor and listen to hundreds of practical and easy-to-understand topics ranging from Tonsillitis and Moles to Cancer and Hepatitis B
Legal Assist
A telephonic advice service manned by qualified and experienced in-house attorneys who provide guid-ance and information on all legal matters, 24 hours a day. No matter is too big or too small.
Home Assist 
A 24-hour service which gives you access to a nationwide network of approved emergency service pro-viders in South Africa such as locksmiths, plumbers, beekeepers, glaziers, electricians, etc. The cost of the services itself is for your account.
***** The text above was taken verbatim from the Michelin Website, when in doubt, please check first with the Michelin site and of still not satisfied, contact a tyre dealer who will initiate contact with Michelin.*****

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