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Distributors of all makes of passenger, bus, truck and agricultural tyres.

Tyre fitment

We fit tyres for passenger vehicles, sports and racing cars. trucks, buses, agricultural and heavier vehicles.

We fit all tyres for passenger vehicles, sports and racing cars, bakkies and light trucks.

Our truck division will fit tyres for trucks and buses, as well as heavier tyres such as tyres for TLB's and forklifts, agricultural tyres for tractors and combine harvesters.

Fitment of all sizes of passenger, sports car, bakkie and light duty commercial vehicles.

Fitment of truck tyres in sizes:

Radial and crossply tyres: 6.50-16 | 7.50R16 | 8.25R20 | 9.00R20 | 10.00R20 | 11.00R20

Radial and crossply truck tyres: 11R22.5 | 315/80R22.5 |12R22.5 | 385/65R22.5

Radial and crossply heavy duty tyres such as: 14.00R20 | 16.00R20 | 325/95R24

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Since 1996 we have been providing top quality products and services in the passenger vehicle, bus and truck markets.
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