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Distributors of all makes of passenger, bus, truck and agricultural tyres.

We supply:

Contact Cockpit for all your tyre consumables, accessories and equipment, such as:

  • Tyre branding equipment, gas and electric as well as half inch and one inch letters
  • Truck puncture repair strings and tools, gaitors, mushroom plugs, tube repair patches and vulcanising cement
  • Truck tyre fitting levers and tools
  • Truck valves, Alcoa, Schrader and spud valves
  • Heat resistant valve cores and valve caps, plastic and steel
  • Tyre marking chalk
  • Bead breakers, bead knockers
  • Bead Lubricant
  • Bottlejacks
  • Tressles
  • Valve extensions, flexible and rigid
  • Brito sockets, tools and power bars
  • Batteries for passenger vehicles and trucks

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Since 1996 we have been providing top quality products and services in the passenger vehicle, bus and truck markets.
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