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Wheel Alignment

In store alignment of passenger, LDV type vehicles, trucks and buses, as well as mobile alignment available for trucks and buses for account holders.

We provide Wheel Alignment for:

Passenger vehicles, LDV's or bakkies, sports and racing cars, taxis and other vehicles up to 15 seaters.

We provide alignment for trucks and buses at our premises in Meadowdale and also provide a mobile wheel alignment service to our account holders.


Wheel Alignment is available for:

Passenger vehicles
Correct wheel alignment improves road holding and maximises the life of your tyres. Aligning the front two wheels resolves most alignment issues for many vehicles and for those that have settings on all wheels, we are able to provide the correct alignment for those vehicles too.  Rotate and balance the vehicles tyres every 10,000 kilometres and have wheel alignment done, this will help ensure tyres wear off evenly and you get the most mileage for the money you spent on tyres.
Trucks and Busses
Wheel alignment for trucks and busses is even more important!  These tyres are expensive and to maximise your cost per kilometre it is imperative to do wheel alignment at least every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres.

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