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** Prices are Nett and exclusive of VAT. **
** Prices are subject to change without prior notice. **
** Stock availability is not guaranteed. **

Regarding stock and advertised prices

Cockpit Tyre is an independent tyre distributor established in 1996.

Cockpit buys tyres from many different tyre manufacturers, suppliers and importers.

It is impossible to keep stock of every tyre size and brand available in South Africa in one warehouse.
We carry a model stock list of popular tyre sizes and brands, all other tyres must be ordered from one of our partner tyre networks and be delivered to Cockpit.

There can be differences in our pricing for the same tyre as more than one supplier may carry the same tyre at a different price and every deal is subject to that tyre being available from that supplier at the time of your confirmed payment for the tyres you have selected. Once we confirm the stock is available for your order, you have one hour to make a deposit or full payment for your purchase or the tyres are released into the supplier's stock or our own stock again and becomes available for sale as stock can be very limited at times, especially these days.

Cockpit makes you the offer of the tyre, if you wish to buy it, order it online - immediate payment is not required.

If the stock is available, we will advise you and pending receiving your payment, either a deposit or the full amount, we will secure the order.
The booking lasts one hour, thereafter it expires, the tyre may no longer be available, things change quickly in the tyre industry and there are stock problems at the moment. There are waiting lists for months on certain sizes of tyres.
Upon confirmation of the payment within the hour, the order will be placed with the supplier.
Not required for 30 day account holders.

Delivery to Cockpit depends on the supplier and where the stock is in South Africa.
Sometimes that tyre you're looking for..., there may only be 1 tyre available in South Africa (from our network of suppliers) at that time and it could be on the other side of the country.
We will get it to Cockpit for you.

There are orders that can be fulfilled immediately if we have stock, orders that have 3 hour guaranteed deliveries, orders on 24 hour delivery, orders with 3 to 4 days delivery from main centres and orders that can take 1 to 2 weeks from outer lying areas.
It all depends on where your tyre is...

Booking a tyre online is not a guarantee that the tyre is available.
When you book a tyre, you are initiating a search, order and deliver system for that tyre that we have over 25 years active operational experience running, to getting the tyre to you. Cockpit was established in 1996.

NB! We do NOT accept BACK ORDERS and no tyre offered on the Cockpit website shall ever be deemed to be on back order.
Back orders can only be made by special arrangement.
Back orders are subject to various, and strict, terms and conditions not covered on this website.

Please contact us for more info.

Why are there multiple prices for the same tyre?

We purchase e.g. Michelin tyres directly from Michelin and from several other suppliers. Why? Because sometimes Michelin does not have stock so we fallback to other suppliers that have stock.
We are direct suppliers of tyres manufactured and imported by all the popular brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear, Dunlop etc. etc. as well as tyre suppliers for a vast network of tyre importers.

Every tyre supplier has their own discount structure and depending on how many tyres the supplier manufactures, buys or imports from a particular manufacturer or importer, will dictate their pricing and subsequently our pricing.

If we can get stock from the supplier with the best price then we will do so, if we cannot, due to stock shortages or a myriad of other contributing reasons (COVID19, OIL, CONTAINERS,SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATIONS OR WAR?), then the next supplier's pricing may be higher and if they are the only ones with the tyre, if you'd like to buy it, we are committed to getting it for you.


Why do we not provide online payments?

In the case where we source the tyre from 3rd party suppliers we cannot guarantee the stock availability at the price.
Once you have placed your order we will make sure who has the stock at the best price and update you.

There is no obligation to continue and you don't have to worry about when your money will be returned.

We will confirm your order and total and when you pop in to have your tyres fitted (subject to payment terms) (or to collect), you can pay with cash or credit card, without using your bank info that would then be stored online or you can prepay/deposit by EFT.

We offer 30 day accounts, no deposit required for Cockpit account holders ordering tyres.
30 day accounts are subject to Terms and Conditions as stipulated.

A note about payment clearance. We do not control the banks and the way payments clear. A payment is only clear once our accounts department has cleared the payment. No goods will be released without the payment clearance from our accounts department. Whether this takes an hour, a day or 3 days, this is the unfortunate reality we live in.

New Valve*, Fitment and Balancing

When you buy a tyre from Cockpit at an advertised price, it includes a new rubber valve (TR414)*, fitment of the tyre to your rim and balancing of the tyre, with fitment back to your vehicle.

If you buy and want to collect the tyre for fitment elsewhere, we do not offer additional discount off the advertised price.
We provide the fitment and balancing as a service because you bought the tyre from us, otherwise it's like going to a restaurant and being charged extra to use a plate and cutlery to eat the food. These services are still itemised on the invoice and is already included in the advertised price.

The offer of any tyre on this website, subsequently any tyre from Cockpit Tyres, is subject to the tyre being available from the respective supplier at the time of receiving your order and you having secured your order with a deposit or full payment.

* Only if your rim takes the TR414 valve, if you have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, this does not include a new sensor valve or any other type of valve.

2 Wheel and ATV Tyres

We do not fit motorcycle or ATV tyres and only offer the deals for the home DIY fitter and people who have their preferred garage that does their tyre work.


At the moment we do not offer deliveries of online orders. You will have to use your own courier service if you wish to buy tyres from us and have them delivered to you.

We do offer deliveries and collections for account holders, please enquire.

We are looking into providing deliveries of online orders in South Africa.

We do collect recaps and deliver tyres to our account holders around the Gauteng area and we travel as far as Mpumalanga for the time being.

Please contact us should you require a special delivery.

Returns and refunds

If you fit a tyre at our fitment centre and there is a problem with the tyre we will submit the relevant tyres and information to the manufacturer or importer.

Tyres will be checked and a report will be provided by the manufacturer / importer. The time this takes varies depending on many factors, we will stay in touch with you while the tyre is in for a technical report.

If it is a manufacturing or material defect then the manufacturer/supplier will stand behind their product and they usually do the right thing and either replace the tyre or credit the unused tread on the tyre.

Every tyre has it's own story to tell and we will deal with the manufacturer/supplier to determine the problem with the tyre.

If you ordered tyres and used your own courier to bring you the tyres and there is a problem before fitting the tyres to the vehicle, please let us know. Ultimately, if the tyre was supplied correctly then the transport charges will be for the client's account to get the tyres back to us.

If the tyres have already been fitted, then the tyre must go through the usual channels to submit a tyre for a technical report.

We do not manufacture tyres. If there is a problem we will assist you to get the best outcome.

It is unfortunate that our roads are falling apart and that your tyres will be at greater risk every time you drive anywhere.

Not all tyre problems are manufacturing or material defects, therefore, in the event of any tyre claim, the replacement tyre used while we await the manufacturer/suppliers report will be for the clients account.

If the manufacturer/supplier finds the fault lies with the tyre and they issue a credit, this credit will be passed on to the client.

There may be handling fees involved with returning tyres that were correctly supplied, more information will be supplied at the time as every manufacturer/supplied has their own handling fees and processes.

Warranties and Guarantees

Every tyre manufacturer/supplier has their own warranties.

Please enquire.

We will

Mistakes do happen

We're only human and mistakes do happen, e.g. we received a price list from a supplier with a 195/65R15 passenger tyre listed at R75 (item number 200 in a 600 item price list) - that's a mistake, we're not able to fulfill an order for this tyre had it slipped through and if it was listed on the website... If it looks too good to be true... E.&O.E.

Questions / Concerns not covered here

If you have any questions or concerns regarding buying tyres from Cockpit please contact us either through the website or by email. You can also call us on TEL.: 011 454 0606.

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Distributors of passenger, truck, bus and agricultural tyres.