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RE: The Impact of Provisional anti-dumping duties imposed from China

TIASA Media Release Provisional Duties 12 September 2022

12 September 2022

As TIASA, we are extremely concerned that new duties on imported tyres, as announced
by Government on Thursday last week, will have a devastating impact on every road user in South Africa.

Government announced an additional duty of 38.33% on tyres, which is on top of the
current import duty of between 25 and 30%. This latest salvo pushes overall duties on
imported tyres close to the 70% mark. It is important to remember that duties are simply
another form of tax that consumers and businesses will have to bear.

It means that from Friday last week, taxi operators can now expect to pay 23% more for
tyres, truck and logistics providers up to 22% more - which is higher than applied for by
SATMC to remedy the injury - and passenger vehicle owners will now have to outlay
between 21 - 25% more for tyres. These increases do not take the devaluation of the
currency into consideration which could fuel further price increases.

This is a fresh blow to cash-strapped consumers, as it will materially impact the cost of
transport, food and goods - and therefore general inflation. It could also mean that people
will delay replacing their tyres, or trade down to illegally regrooved tyres, both
exceptionally dangerous outcomes, especially as we head into our holiday season.

What is difficult to understand is that this announcement comes as Cabinet is debating
the introduction of an economic relief package to help South Africans survive the rising
cost of living and rampant inflation.

As TIASA, we are calling for the immediate reversal of this decision.

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